Graduate Faculty Governance Council



Graduate Faculty Governance Council Charge

The Graduate Faculty Governance Council, comprised of representatives from the Graduate Faculty, colleges with graduate programs, Western Libraries, and graduate students, supports and advances graduate education at Western Washington University through shared graduate faculty governance. The Council's powers and duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing leadership in the areas of Graduate School strategic planning, policy and standards, and resource allocation in collaboration with the Dean of the Graduate School
  • Promoting the interests of the Graduate Faculty and graduate students 
  • Enhancing the visibility of graduate education throughout the University, including the promotion and celebration of academic accomplishments by graduate students
  • Approving and monitoring standards for graduate admission, retention, and graduation
  • Advising on the development and creation of new graduate programs
  • Reviewing graduate curriculum proposals from all academic departments and programs
  • Conducting graduate program reviews to ensure ongoing program effectiveness
  • Participating in the Graduate School NWCCU accreditation process
  • Selecting Western Association of Graduate Schools outstanding thesis nominees
  • Adopting and amending its rules of operation as the “Bylaws of the Graduate Faculty Governance Council”

2022-2023 GFGC Membership

Name Term Subcommittee* Area
Sean Mulcahy 2022-2024 GSSC Area A - CSE
Linda Keeler 2022-2024 GPRC Area B - Social Sciences
Chris Loar 2022-2024 GPRC Area C - Humanities
Ryan Dudenbostel 2022-2024 GSCC Area D - Fine and Performing Arts
Tejvir Sekhon 2022-2024 GPRC Area E - Business and Economics
Tammi Laninga 2022-2024 GPRC - Chair Area F - College of the Environment
Tim Bruce 2022-2024 GPRC Area G - Woodring College
Gabe Gossett 2022-2024 GSCC Western Libraries
Kristi Lemm 2021-2023 GSCC - Chair At-Large (Social Sciences)
Christina Byrne 2021-2023 GSSC - Chair At-Large (Social Sciences)
Craig Dunn 2021-2023 GSSC At-Large (Business and Economics)
Anna Diedesch 2021-2023 GPRC At-Large (CHSS)
Margaret Scheuermann 2021-2023 GPRC At-Large (CSE)
Patty Bourne (Chair) 2022-2023 GSCC At-Large (Chair)
Megan Bruce 2022-2023 GPRC GSAC
Jaimie Baxter 2022-2023 GSCC GSAC
Kathryn "Katey" Queen 2022-2023 GSSC GSAC



GSCC - Graduate School Curriculum Committee

GPRC - Graduate Program Review Committee

GSSC - Graduate Student Support Committee

GSAC - Graduate Student Advocacy Council