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WWU Graduate School

516 High St, OM 530

Bellingham, WA 98225-9037

(360) 650-3170


The Graduate School's physical office is currently closed. However, staff are working remotely according to Western's coronavirus recommendations and are readily available to assist you via email. See contact information below. When our hours of operation change, we will post that information here.

Deans and Staff

David Patrick, PhD

Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Research

(360) 650-2884


Michael Barr

Associate Dean

(360) 650-4170

I’ve worked for Western for almost 24 years and am also a Western graduate earning both my bachelors and masters degrees here. I’ll be teleworking, but I’m readily available via e-mail. Please contact me for issues relating to student funding, travel grants, assistantships, student insurance, Graduate Faculty Governance Committee inquiries, Graduate school policy questions, and generally any urgent matters.

Denise Mor

Graduate Admissions and Systems Analyst

(360) 650-7704

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I expect to be working remotely for the time being, and am available via email and also on MS Teams for chat/video calls. Contact for questions relating to Grad Admissions processes/systems/data, TA awards, Grad School Scholarship/Waiver offers, and TA Health Insurance.

Megan Spiegel

Program Manager

(360) 650-2891

Contact me for information about graduate student services and programming, degree requirements and academic progress, thesis questions, financial aid appeals, continuous enrollment, and other current student concerns.

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Susan Murron

Program Coordinator

(360) 650-3571

Like my colleagues, I am currently working remotely and the best way to reach me during this time is via email.

My experience as a graduate student has allowed me to provide helpful information to prospective students. Feel free to contact me for admissions inquiries if you are gathering initial information about becoming a graduate student. (I can share things I wish I would have known before I started my graduate school career and/or done differently.)

For current graduate students or faculty, contact me for information about application status, commencement ceremonies, master’s degree application e-sign forms, and overrides for Continuous Enrollment (GRAD 699) or thesis credits (690).

Dayna Patterson

Assistant to the Dean/Front Desk

(360) 650-3170

I will be working remotely for the time being, but am available via email, and for Western faculty, staff, and students, I am available via Microsoft Teams in Office 365. I can take Teams audio and video calls by appointment if you prefer that over email or chat.

Contact me for questions regarding Graduate Faculty Governance Council, marketing/recruiting, diploma mailing/reprints, Graduate School website updates, the Graduate School's social media, and general information.

Allie Spikes

Communications Consultant


Contact me any time to discuss grad program marketing and recruitment initiatives. I'm also eager to hear about noteworthy graduate student and graduate faculty research, scholarship, and creative projects that I can feature on social media and elsewhere!

I'm working remotely but am available via email or for a Teams or Zoom chat by appointment.