Program Development

Planning New Graduate Programs

Proposals for new graduate programs begin with a consultation with the Graduate School to discuss the concept, receive information about the steps involved and connect to planning resources.  As the concept develops, a Program Summary is prepared and reviewed by the College.  Once approved, the Summary is developed into a detailed Program Proposal for University curricular, programmatic and funding review.

Blue flowchart showing the steps for proposing a new grad program. Info is contained in the PDF linked below.

Planning New Graduate Programs Document

Graduate Program Definitions

Western Washington University’s graduate-level curriculum includes several types of degrees, certificates, and specializations. This planning resource serves to guide the development of new programs, summarizes the types of programs offered, and describes required processes for curricular and program review. Related planning resources include Planning New Graduate Programs (above), the Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC), and Curriculum Management.

Developing New Graduate Courses, Certificates, and Degree Programs