Ross Travel Grant

The Ross Travel Grant supports graduate student travel to present research at professional meetings and conferences, to exhibit works of art at national and international showings, and to perform, direct or produce within professional performing arts venues. Ross Travel Grants may also support travel for the purpose of strengthening professional connections and sense of professional identity by connecting Western students to external mentors and professional peer groups having relatable life experiences less commonly represented at Western, but important for well-rounded professional development. Please contact the Graduate School for details.


  1. The applicant must be a graduate student in good standing and a graduate student at the time of travel.
  2. If presenting a paper or research, the applicant must supply evidence that her/his paper (art or performance) has been accepted for presentation at a professional meeting or venue of her/his discipline. Notification of conditional award may be given prior to official notice of acceptance. However, no funds will be disbursed unless notification of acceptance is received.
  3. For fields in which the presentation is given at a professional conference, higher priority will be given to full papers than to poster displays.
  4. For students seeking to strengthen professional connections and/or sense of professional identity at a conference, a statement of significance is required.
  5. The award covers the amount equivalent to the minimum airfare or other public transportation cost to the conference city, with a maximum of $500 granted to any single applicant. Lodging, per diem and registration fees are generally not covered.
  6. Contact your departmental administrative assistant for information on air travel. For travel purposes, the graduate student is reimbursed as if he/she was a WWU employee and must follow all WWU travel policies and regulations.
  7. Applications are considered competitively on a rolling basis. All applicants will be notified when the review is complete.
  8. No retroactive requests will be considered.
  9. Eligibility for awards from this fund is limited to one award per student during her/his tenure as a graduate student at WWU.
  10. Applications must be accompanied by a letter of support from the department chair, program advisor, or faculty member working closest with the applicant.
  11. After returning from the conference, showing, or performance venue, each awardee will be expected to write a letter to Dr. James Ross, c/o Graduate School, briefly describing how the travel opportunity enhanced her/his graduate experience at Western.

Apply for the Ross Travel Grant