Health Insurance


All graduate students are eligible for the optional WWU Student Medical Health Insurance plan. Teaching Assistants can have the plan premium paid by the Graduate School each quarter of service as a TA.

Apply for Coverage

Please note: the Enrollment process for TAs and eligible RAs has changed starting Winter Quarter 2021.

Graduate TAs and RAs should  apply online for coverage via the AHP enrollment page. You will not be required to provide payment information.

Once your enrollment request is submitted, AHP will contact the Graduate School to verify your assistantship status for the specified quarter.

If you need to enroll dependents, you may do so through this same process, but dependent insurance premiums are not covered by the Graduate School and you will be billed by AHP for those costs.



2020-2021 Plan Details

The WWU Student Health plan is provided by Aetna through Academic Health Plans (AHP).

All plan information can be found at

If you have questions about your coverage status, policy details or any pending claims, please contact  AHP directly  

Common Questions

How long am I eligible for coverage?

You are eligible for the Graduate School to pay your premium only in the quarters you are a TA. You can purchase your own coverage in other quarters by visiting the Student Health Center website.

Where do I get an insurance card or file a claim?

These services are available to you at once your enrollment form has been processed (please allow 7-10 working days after submission.)

Summer Coverage

The Graduate School cannot cover summer quarter premiums, but you can still get summer insurance coverage.

If you will not be enrolled summer quarter:

Choose "Spring/Summer" coverage when you apply for spring. The Graduate School will pay the spring amount and you will need to pay the summer amount at the Student Business Office. 

If you will be enrolled:

If you will be registered for at least 2 credits in the summer, you can purchase summer coverage separately via the Student Health Center.

Enrollment Deadlines

Fall: 11/01/2020

Winter: 02/28/2021

Spring: 05/31/2021

Spring/Summer: 05/31/2021

Summer: 07/31/2021