Health Insurance

Teaching Assistants are eligible for health insurance, paid for by the Graduate School, for each quarter serving as a TA. Insurance is provided by USI Student Insurance through United Health Care.

To apply through the Graduate School office for the USI Student Insurance, please use this form.

If you have questions about your coverage status, please contact USI Student Insurance directly at (800) 853-5899 or Their Customer Care Team is here to assist students from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday.

Health Insurance FAQs

Q:  “What is my share of the Cost?”

A:   The Graduate School will pay the entire quarterly premium for you (the graduate TA) only. Dependents' premiums are entirely the responsibility of the grad assistant. If you wish to enroll a dependent in the USI Student Health Plan, please contact the Graduate School for more information.


Q:  “How long am I eligible for Coverage?”

A:   You are eligible for the Graduate School to pay your premium only in the quarters that you are serving as a TA.


Q: "How do I file a claim, get an insurance card, etc?

A: These services are available to you at once your enrollment form has been processed (please allow 7-10 working days after submission.)

Continuing Your Insurance Coverage When You Are Not a TA

If you wish to continue the USI student insurance in quarters that you are not serving as a TA, you may do so by submitting an application and your premium directly to USI (via their website, or the Student Health Center)

Please note: In order to purchase Summer Quarter coverage separately, you must actually be enrolled for a minimum number of credits during summer quarter. If you do not anticipate being enrolled during summer quarter and wish to continue your coverage, you will need to request "Spring/Summer" coverage through the Graduate School Office and provide a check for the Summer Quarter premium.