GFGC Bylaws Changes

Proposed Changes to the GSR Subcommittee Bylaws - April 2021

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Draft Revision to GSR Subcommittee Bylaws 

BL6.3 Graduate Student Support Committee 

Following procedures outlined by the Graduate Faculty Governance Council, the Graduate Student Support Committee works with the Graduate School to support graduate student scholarship and teaching. The committee’s specific responsibilities include 

  • working with graduate programs to develop best practices for supporting graduate student scholarship and teaching; 
  • advising the Graduate School as requested about graduate student requests to extend the five-year time-to-degree limit; and 
  • when requested, assigning graduate faculty to represent the GFGC as external observers of thesis defenses to ensure that the process is carried out in a fair and impartial manner, in accordance with the standards of the Graduate School. Requests for observers may come from students, faculty members, or the Graduate School; 
  • serving as a neutral arbiter supporting graduate student work where conflicts or problems cannot be resolved within programs or departments or by the Graduate School; 
  • referring graduate students to appropriate university resources as needed; and 
  • serving as a neutral third party in conflict resolution; and 

Standing Committee Membership. 

The Graduate School Representative Standing Committee consists of at least three graduate faculty members of the Graduate Faculty Governance Council and one graduate student to be appointed by the GFGC. The Associate Dean of the Graduate School also serves as an advisory, non-voting member.