Computer Science

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In-Depth Experiences, Real World Impact

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Program Information

Computer science is helping to shape all disciplines of study, as well as the global economy, and Western's Computer Science Department is at the forefront, training the next generation of computer scientists. We provide in-depth experiences for real world impact.

Our M.S. in Computer Science program prepares students for productive careers in industry, academia, and government. We foster a nourishing environment for teaching, learning, and research in the theory and applications of computing.

Students graduating from our program will have the ability to apply computing knowledge and mathematics to real world problems. They will be able to analyze problems and innovate solutions. Students will master the design-implementation-evaluation cycle for computer-based systems, processes, components, or programs to meet desired goals.

In addition, our program grounds students with a solid understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities. In short, we prepare our students to have a profound impact on the future of humanity.


  • To educate students in core concepts in computer science
  • To provide students with in-depth knowledge, skills, and experiences 
  • To focus on the applied aspects of computer science, especially real-world projects that use core concepts and expert knowledge 
  • To engage students in high quality research-oriented projects
  • To prepare students for PhD programs and/or advanced industry opportunities

Application Requirements

  • All applicants must complete the Graduate School's ApplyWeb application and pay the $100 application fee.
  • Within the application you will be prompted to upload an unofficial transcript from each institution attended. If admitted, you will be asked to provide official transcripts.
  • Additional application materials are specified below. Applications will not be forwarded to the department for review until all required materials have been received by the Graduate School.
  • International Applicants: Please review the requirements for information regarding Degree Equivalency, English Language Proficiency and student VISA requirements.

Additional Application Requirements

  • Three (3) Letters of Reference 
  • Please answer the following questions. The review committee will use your answers to evaluate your qualifications, experience, motivation, goals, enthusiasm, and research interests:
    • Why do you wish to pursue graduate study in CS (or a particular field in CS)?  

    • What specific strengths and/or experience do you possess that will help you succeed in this endeavor?  

    • How does this graduate degree relate to your future goals?

    • What skills and knowledge you hope to acquire with an MS in CS that will bridge the gap between where you are and where you would like to be?





Sasha Puchko smiling, wearing down jacket, in the mountains

I am grateful that WWU helps foreign students like myself to feel welcome in a foreign country by providing support and high-level education. Also, as a female studying in a male-dominated field, I don't feel any bias, but only encouragement, motivation, and great support from faculty, who want me to succeed. Moreover, I am grateful to work as a TA without needing to pay for school.

Sasha Puchko Research Intern in AI/ML at the National Lab
Robin Cosbey, smiling, with brown hair and black blouse, green background

I have appreciated getting the opportunity to continue pursuing research with my undergraduate research advisor, Brian Hutchinson, as well as many of the other faculty in the department. Over the two-year program, I have been able to explore many areas of research, including machine learning, bioinformatics, and data science, to find what interests me and what I would like to carry forward into my career. I have also had the opportunity to connect with many faculty and students who share my passions for data and research. If not for the computer science graduate program, I would not have discovered my love for data science and data ethics.

Robin Cosbey M.S. Computer Science, 2020
Monsur Hossain in a dark suit near the Golden Gate Bridge

I liked the student-teacher relationships at Western. Professors were always helpful and encouraging. I think the master's program was challenging but doable. Tests and large projects enhanced my core CS concepts and gave me the confidence to handle real-life hard problems.

Monsur Hossain Software Engineer at We Work
Samuel Pollard, outdoors, smiling, wearing a sweater

What I most appreciated at Western was the individual attention I got. Professors were easily available, the IT/DevOps staff was always able to help, and I was able to work on a project that catered to my math background. I'm a fourth-year PhD candidate at the University of Oregon studying formal methods. I'm funded by Sandia National Labs and intern there during my summers. I'm researching how to verify floating point arithmetic and do binary analysis on old architectures. One skill that stands out in particular from WWU is the large number of programming languages I learned; this makes it much easier to get up to speed on new projects.

Samuel Pollard PhD Candidate at University of Oregon