Geographic Information Science Certificate

A group of students looking over a canyon

Program Information

Do you love maps? Are you comfortable with spatial problem solving? Do you enjoy the combination of art and science that goes into cartography? Are you curious about how spatial data can be used to explain the patterns and processes behind environmental issues? If so, then a Graduate Geographic Information Science Certificate will be a valuable addition to your graduate education. Come join us as we work together to map our world!

The Geographic Information Science Certificate provides students with in-depth training in Geographic Information Science theory and techniques. Through an intensive series of courses in GIS, statistics, and remote sensing and the completion of original research projects, students will gain advanced skills in the development, management, analysis, and visualization of spatial data. The certificate prepares students for careers as geospatial analysts and GIS technicians.

Application Requirements

  • Current graduate students adding the certificate to their in-progress master's degree apply here.