Master in Teaching, Multilingual Education (South King County)

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Program Information

The Master in Teaching (MIT) program with emphasis in Multilingual Education is designed for candidates who wish to complete a Master’s degree with recommendation for Washington State Residency Certification to teach at the secondary level (middle and high school) and training in dual language education (through ELL and/or Bilingual endorsements). Our comprehensive MIT with emphasis in Multilingual Education program is firmly backed by current research of effective teaching and promoting student learning. Currently the program is only offered through Western’s South Seattle site. 

The program is designed specifically for multilingual working professionals who are employed by school districts in South King County. Classes will be held on evenings and/or Saturdays. Course work will integrate students’ classroom experience. This MIT program can be completed in six-seven quarters, including full-time student teaching (internship). We accept World Language, English, Science and Social Studies endorsements; please speak with us about other content-area endorsements.

Why Consider

Are you a multilingual individual excited by the possibility of teaching content in more than one of your languages? Do you want to learn how to teach in ways that sustain the languages and cultures of your students? Are you interested in teaching in middle and/or high school dual language and bilingual programs? Are you passionate about serving Immigrant and refugee families and communities? 

Dual language programs are growing throughout Washington State and districts are searching for multilingual teachers who are highly trained in methods of content and language teaching. 

Application Requirements

We invite prospective candidates to contact the program director for more information about the program and for pre-application advising.

Admission to the Graduate School and Secondary Education are required before a student may begin taking courses. Requirements for consideration of an application include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree completed before program begins.
  • Meet the endorsement requirements for course work. Transcript evaluation is required to determine eligibility.*
  • Minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 
  • Meet the basic skills requirement. This may be met by: a) Taking the West-B exam, b) SAT scores, c) ACT scores. There is no minimum score requirement for admission. See the Woodring admissions website: and the West-B website:
  • Completion of an approved English composition course, with a grade of B or higher.
  • Be a bi/multilingual candidate; preference for individuals with Intermediate High ACTFL scores in writing and speaking (or higher). More information can be found at: 
  • You must attempt the state-mandated endorsement exam in your content area(s) prior to admission. Please contact us for guidance on the correct exam(s) to take. *World Language endorsement candidates must also receive a passing score on the ACTFL writing and speaking exams.
  • Some students may need to complete additional endorsement requirements to be eligible.

*The GRE and MAT are not application requirements for this graduate program.

Please send transcripts prior to application for review and advising.

Enrollment restrictions apply in all teacher education programs. Meeting the above criteria makes the applicant eligible for admission, but does not guarantee admission. Students who meet all criteria are further evaluated by the department to determine the most qualified applicants.

Grade Requirements

Retention in the program requires continuous demonstration of competence in standard oral and written English in all course work. Retention also requires maintenance of a 3.0 quarterly GPA for each quarter upon admission.