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Thesis Submission

Create Your CEDAR Account and Submit Research

  • Go to and click “Submit Research” in the sidebar, under Contributors. Follow the instructions to create an account and submit to the WWU Graduate School Collection.
  • Use a permanent email address for your account, not your email address, so that you can keep track of your work after graduation.
  • Upload your complete PDF and any supplementary files you wish to include.

Thesis Approval and Publication

Graduate School staff will communicate with you via CEDAR (you will receive emails) about the status of your thesis and any necessary revisions.

Bring at least one signed hardcopy of your committee signature page and one signed library authorization page to the Graduate School for your submission to be complete. Do not submit your entire thesis in hardcopy.

Summer 2020: due to coronavirus related campus closures, you do not need to submit a hardcopy signature page. Follow all manuscript guidelines for preparing your PDF, and submit that PDF to CEDAR. Instructions for ordering your archival hard copy will be provided with your CEDAR approval notification.

Once your thesis has been approved, you will be notified through CEDAR. Your thesis will be published and made available right away on CEDAR, as part of the Digital Commons for your discipline, and through Google and Google Scholar.

If you need to delay public posting of your thesis, or keep access to your content permanently limited, email the Graduate School for options.

Important: completion of your degree still requires one hardbound copy of your thesis for archiving in Special Collections. Once your thesis is approved, you will need to pick up your signature pages from the Graduate School and deliver them to Print and Copy Services to order your binding. This order must be placed and paid before your degree can be awarded. Individual departments may have requirements for additional copies; check with your thesis chair or program adviser if you are unsure.