Committee and Topic Approval

Your thesis committee and topic must be approved by the Graduate School before you begin your research and writing.

The Thesis Topic Approval form includes a description of your project and formally establishes your committee.

A thesis committee consists of at least three graduate faculty members in your discipline. See the Graduate Faculty policy in the Graduate School section of the University Catalog for a description of graduate faculty membership and duties.

Human and Live Vertebrate Subjects

Using humans or live vertebrates as research subjects requires prior approval separate from thesis topic approval. Please see Research Compliance for more information.

Topic approval forms that indicate human subjects, live vertebrate subjects, or scientific diving activities will be forwarded to the appropriate offices for review.

Research & Writing Studio 

Get graduate-level support for your graduate-level needs at the Research & Writing Studio. To contact the RWS, send an email to

Thesis Partners Program

Writing a graduate-level thesis is one of the most challenging things you may ever have to do. Even with support from your advisor, the monumental task of writing your thesis can be overwhelming. Why go at it alone when you don't have to?

If you sign up for a thesis partner, you will be matched up with a Graduate Research-Writing Assistant who will aid you along in the process, meeting with you to discuss your thesis progress whenever you're stuck. For more information and to sign up, visit the RWS Thesis Partner page. 


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