Plan of Study

The Plan of Study must be completed within the first quarter of graduate study at Western. Please review these instructions and guidelines before you consult with your Graduate Program Adviser. 

Complete the Plan of Study Esign form and forward to your adviser for approval. The student and adviser will receive a copy when the Plan is approved.

Plan of Study

If later you find it necessary to make changes to your Plan of Study, you must submit an Amendment to Plan of Study.

Please note: Enrolling in a course which is not on your Plan, and which has not been approved through the amendment process, may mean the course will not count toward your degree. Confer with your program adviser and the Graduate School regarding any subsequent changes to this Plan PRIOR to enrollment in any course not listed and approved on your Plan.

Enrolling in credits beyond the minimum number required for the degree may affect your eligibility for financial aid. This information may be shared with Western’s Financial Aid office for financial aid purposes.

If you have questions, contact your graduate program adviser or the Graduate School.