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Continuous Enrollment

Graduate students must maintain continuous enrollment from their first quarter of registration until completion of all degree requirements. Continuous enrollment is defined as registering for at least one credit in all academic quarters (excluding summer) until the degree is attained or status as a degree-seeking graduate student is terminated.

  • Students who have not completed all degree requirements and are not currently registered for any credits will be required to register for GRAD 699, Continuous Enrollment, every quarter (excluding summers) until all degree requirements are completed. GRAD 699 is non-graded.
  • Students who maintain Continuous Enrollment will be allowed to complete their degree under the policies and requirements in place at their date of matriculation.
  • Registration for GRAD 699 maintains many privileges associated with full or part time university enrollment, such as access to Western Libraries, technology, and research facilities.
  • Registration for GRAD 699 does not meet minimum enrollment requirements for Financial Aid, student employment, or status as a Teaching Assistant.
  • Western Washington University employees receiving state waivers in pursuit of their graduate degree are exempt from the Continuous Enrollment requirement.

Leaves of Absence

The Continuous Enrollment requirement will be waived for students who are granted official leave of absence. Official leaves of absence may be requested of the Graduate Dean in instances of incapacitating injury or illness, personal emergency, military orders, or other significant extenuating circumstances. Contact the Graduate School for information.

Breaks in Enrollment (Unofficial Leave)

  • Students who fail to maintain Continuous Enrollment or receive approval for a leave of absence must reapply for admission to their graduate program using the "Returning Grad Student" program option within the application. Readmission is not guaranteed.
  • Decisions for re-enrollment are made by the academic department. Students may be subject to changes in the degree or additional requirements as deemed necessary by the program.